About Juan Iturbe

Panama 3D artist specialized in Houdini fx

About Juan Iturbe

Thank you for visiting. My name is Juan Iturbe I am a 3D artist with formation in film and with a profound love for design, technology and story telling.

My main area of focus is now on rendering and simulation. But i love all aspects of 3D and design.

I have programing with Python, HTML and VEX. As well as advanced skills in  realistic rendering and procedural shader creation, particles simulations, destruction simulation, fluids, cloth simulation, mograph + xpresso riggs and hair simulations. Lighting and rendering are both passions of mine and i am continually learning to improve.

Along 2 colleagues we have formed the team TopVFX. Where we tackle together the full production pipeline for 3D explainer videos and other commercial animation.

Currently we are working on developing our own production tools for animation, VR and game development experience creation.

I hope this web helps others get inspired into doing what they love.

You can get in touch with if you like my work  I’m always down for collaboration and freelancing with new teams –

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