Generative color, creating shapes with color and light

Generative Color : is a exploration in rendering and in using color data to drive variation and shape definition. This structures are a result of and RND series studying mainly two things.

1 :The generative creation based on color.

2: 3Delight as my engine of choice for final image rendering in Houdini.

The generative set up :

In VEX  I’m using the magnitude of color to drive 2 attributes height and shape variant.

I progressed using COPS, Houdini’s own Compositing context to put together some procedural maps wich mix between a selected high resolution pictures.

These colors are converted to a grayscale value and normalized from 0 to 1.

These values under a conditional statement determine which variant shape to instance onto the selected point .

Rendering set up :

This engine is impressive to say the least, NSI technology seems magical.

Also the shaders looks amazing pretty much out of the box it features unified sampling , has no tessellation levels for sub poly displacement and is always pixel accurate.

In camera effects like DOF and Motion blur are fast !

It has a Hydra delegate and is free, yes free.

As development of 3delight for Houdini continues, is about 90% done, I keep moving all my personal work to re render in this amazing offline renderer.

I will try to create more motion work using the power of this engine and NSI cloud service.

I think it might be a game changer when dealing with tight deadlines as a freelancer, while being able to offer my client more quality in the final render 100% comparable to large studios, in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

Keeping this is mind is very important since the NSI 3Delight plugin is also under development for Cinema 4D. Making it a go to solution for fast production quality rendering for motion design.



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