Tocumen International Explainer

Tocumen International Explainer

Design and Model all elements in this fun animated video for Tocumen. I Started off with Satellite images as reference for the main model. 

Main Area of the set design, most of the model was created with satellite references

Design for this piece was very stylized, the video’s aim its to explain a complex expansion so i chose this look not to compete with the complexity of the topic

Simple NPR shaders were added to increase render speed using the lambertian model

After modeling the set and main building i layed out all the shots and camera movement and position and used basic materials build specifically for NPR, they are very fast shaders and very useful 

The model was made at scale even when the whole project was not photoreal

Some of the other assets were also detailed with decals and brand color. 

Several stylized assets where created for the project

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