PopCity 3D Illustration

Pop City Webcom Pty 3D Illustration

One of the most fun jobs last year ! For webcon PTY a Social Media Event right in the heart of Panamá. I had to create several assets to bring the concept of ” WebCon City ” alive. 

WebCon City, the logo was transformed to be the city itself. A set of buildings were model and art directed to support the city idea

Branding the project was also a task at hand, i created 3D logos from the 2D provided versions and lit them to stand alone as individual arts, each section of the city had its own logo 

Individual arts from 2D logos created for each city block

Time to populate this Cool City  ! Each block had its own speakers in the event, so all of them had a different personality according to the topics discussed in that talk. From there i started having fun, wiped up some models from lipsticks, radios , cell phones ! 

SDF Curl Quantizing

WebCon had designed a 2D mascot for the event, i was tasked with bringing it to 3D glory. Simple and fun !

Particle Velocities

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