Procedural Modeling Chandelier

I’ve joined CGMA this fall term for procedural modeling in production, my first assignment was to generate a procedural chandelier using mainly sops.

The main goal was to end up with a tool , a parametric model to easy the production of several iterations of the chandelier design.

The 3D model has parametric control for most of its shape defining features. These were promoted to a UI control for the asset.

I made several modifications to the main set up, a neat one was using the new Lab Tools Sop ” Match Size ” to fit the incoming geometry for the crystal to a normalized value that the system can use without breaking.

Procedural modeling is all about making things reusable, most of the small utilities can be packaged and called down the nodegraph.

Also, I managed to also generate a version with a totally a different frame. This one uses a combination of simpler shapes to create a massing model of the main frame, I provided a separate toggle in the UI called “multi shape” in orden to provide options for a simple or more elaborate main frame.

Multishape turned on
Multishape turned off
Multishape turned off