Tiny Planets

RnD - Tiny Planet - Procedural organic surfaces

Exploring a new technique i learned to create very detailed surface operators in VOP’s. Whats a surface operator, and whats VOP’s?.

Well basically surface operators or SOP’s is a compiled modifier for geometry, and VOP’s, “Vex operators” are basically an interface for writing VEX code, the inner language of Houdini.

So why ? Well usually this type of geometry needs to be sculpted, which means you need to create planet after planet in a manual way, which is cool and very easy to direct.

But with VOP’s you can modify uv’s or sample points and use all the power of Houdini to distort them procedurally, this means each planet is a generator more than just one planet.

Creating a full interface, with ramps and trig functions, color ramps and for loops we can now create hundred’s of variations of each look just by playing with the interface parameters. and that’s cool.


Earthy Planet
Fractured Planet

This one uses for loops to run over the points, with a set iteration count the detail built’s adding to the frequency on each loop count. Each look also drives its own depth. And color ramp

Using mostly sine and cosine functions this is why we see the stripped pattern, it shows that within the procedural environment we can also create structured patterns, which can be hard to manage in some sculpting apps if after we wanted to modify the height of the ridges for example  

Alien Planet

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