Study of Velocity Volumes

Study of Velocity Volumes

Volumes are made of voxels, like 3D Pixels. Each voxel can store values. Velocity, density or anything really like @mycrazyattr. Its a bit lengthy to explain, just check out the result 

Perlin Curl Advection / the way the points behave its driven by the flow of noise, using a AA flow noise a fourth dimension

Enter SDF – Signed Distance Fields.

Particle simulation driven by point volume velocity advection, using a SFD the Curl function can sample the position of the SDF and interact with the surface 

Volume Vel

Curl being a vector can be modified, in this case rounding the Float value of the X,Y,Z vector component to an Integer, quantizes the curl, yielding shaper angles 

SDF Curl Quantizing

Ramps are a great way to transfer attributes like Color, Age. Here a ramp controls Color after simulation 

Particle Velocities

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