From Physics to shader

From Physics to shader

Physical materials can do three things 

  1. Reflect
  2. Transmit
  3. Absorb

Reflectionirregularities create a blur reflection – microfacet distributiona shader asumes there are small irregularities to create the overall surface look. 


Cg material components the ingredients used to recreate real world behaviour 

  1. Reflection – equation for the part go the rays that are less than 100% brought.  normally you can choose from different distribution models. (Blinn,phong, ggx…)
  2. Diffuse this is an approximation of an 100% bought reflection or a surface where the SSS is smaller in size than a pixel screen space 
  3. Transmission / refraction equation for the part of the light that enters the materials paired with absorption and  scattering it can create a sub surface scattering component of the material.

Dielectric –  can reflect transmit and absorb

Conductors –  can only reflect and absoprtion.


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