Xpresso General Notes

Xpresso General Notes

XPool is for all nodesXManager show us used Nodes
Data TypesCinema 4d cannot use degrees doc calculate it uses radiants and rotation is expressed in the form of Pi     2*Pi = 360 degrees     Real = 1.2,1.3,0.001.    Integer =  1, 2, 3, 4, -1    Light = is a value from 0 to 1 so = 0.5 or 0.1 this makes it a Real event when the interface result displays percent    String = Text     Time= Always calculates in seconds, the time node can output frames    Boole = On Of switch. 
Adding VectorsPlace one vector at the tip of the other it docent matter with oder the resulting vector goes from toor to top of calculation.This is commutative the order won’t affect the outcome. 

  • Use math node set to vector and add the Position property of the two vectors, use the SetData node to set Position of the instanced object or particle. 

Vector subtraction The result is between the two vectors and the tip of the resulting vector must go to the v1 = this result is the   between the two vectors. Not commutative the change is sign for + to – will result in a change in the direction of the vector.

  •  Use a math node in subtract and input 2 vectors, use FloatMath node to mutliply a vector by a real between 0 and 1 to scale this vector,         this will result a control for velocity
  • Ex = v1 – v2 * 0.5 = pont half in between v1 and v2

Matrix is a combination of four vectors 

  1.     offset = position 
  2.     v1 = alignment of x axis
  3.     v2 = alignment of y axis 
  4.     v3 = alignment of z axis 

To split the global matrix use a node called matrix to vectors    here you can split one controller to the vectors alignment and another to the position keeping controls separate    then use a vectors to matrix to plug into the global matrix of the desired object. 
Range mapper map one type of value to another this creating a smooth transition between the numbers ranged
Use the rage mapper defining the input upper max and min to map into the next valuesUse modulo to repeat a curve  with the spline and use the spines to define the performance of the objectwe can use deformers like squash and stretch and link rage mapped x to define the factor of stretch to it follows the motionIn the same manner we can also add a material and drive the brightness luminance properties with the same curve use another range mapper to map them correctly so the Ball turns into different color when it moves. 
Integrating slave objects -link the properties of position and use a memory node to record in time as many frames back as needed. Create a position and time offset for the slaves to follow the master with a delay effect

Case – Rigging a car wheel 
The tire must turn 360 degrees one time in the distance of its circumference. we need a formula to calculate the circumference C = Pi * D
Split up the wheel axis to find out its diameter in a result node then procede to use the circumference calculation formula to get the whee’s circumferenceMust extend the set up to 

Creating  slider for a proper controlclick on object and user data – add user dataName the  slider and set the data type and set to floatUse the slider to control the banking out he car

Case – chair symbol library changerCreate a symbol library and make a child of the instance. use integer data type with a Radio button interface, add value + ; +  string. Use the instance object and find the ChairType = custom data fieldUse a node called Condition / expects boolean 1, 2 ,3 , 4 and outputs data type object/link Use the geom object and output object to the condition node]\feed output into object properties/reference obje

Final Project Jelly FishPlan the Set upCreate a controller for the meter function PriorotiesMemory node for custom delayRange Mapperuse squash and stretch with memory node and range mapper to calculate 

Using a cubic spline to create a controller for  tentaclesuse a point note to read out the point index and connect them to the position on the nulls create spline dynamics and ad to object with a hair tag constrain to object. change set


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