Tool Building

Pagoda Building Generator

Here i’ve built a base pagoda style building generator with its corresponding HDA controls, first this version was built which basically stacked floors within a for loop. I decided to take it a step further since this was not very art direct-able, each floor was a smaller version of the next. I broke the system apart into individual floor HDA’s which could be use as modules making each floor independent.

Base system prior to the modular approach
HDA Controls
Parametric module
Modular system approach with independent control by floor

Rock Generator

The idea was to build my own generator for a personal unreal based project, I needed this HDA to bake its own maps, create high and low poly version with correct uv’s and offer a nice degree of flexibility in order to generate more stylized or realistic rocks.

Rock generator in engine results with baked maps and target triangle count.
Inside the HDA

Vegetation HDA

I built an HDA wrapper around the fairly new tree generation toolset in order to have simple setting to generate quick trees, also I built a tool to generate geometry for independent leafs from a given atlas, the idea was to have a realistic tree with low triangle count to use in the world building project.

Base set up to generate a series of random trees from the new houdini toolset
Automatic leafs from atlas are packed and prepared for any tree.
Random tree generated with both tools, and a nice variation on the leaf

Crystal Generator

Another organic HDA, similar controls and concept to the rock generator but suited for elongated crystal shapes, with controls to deform and shape in a low poly environment to then switch on the high poly detailed modifier which allow to create very high poly detail on top, I introduced tools from the RBD set to create the internal occlusion in real geometry instead of texture based. This crystal can bake itself for an in engine LOD much like the rock.